FK UNAIR Internal Medicine Specialist Program Student Awarded Best Student on Oral Presentation by Leiden University Medical Center

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Dr. Firda Iragama Wessels, FK UNAIR Internal Medicine Specialist Program student awarded Best Student on Oral Presentation in The Oral Infectious and Tropical Disease Master’s Week. (Photo: SS Zoom)

UNAIR NEWS – Dr. Firda Iragama Wessels, an Internal Medicine Specialist Program (PPDS) student of Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR, has made an achievement as the best on oral presentation in The Oral Infectious and Tropical Disease Master’s Week organized by Leiden University Medical Center, February 25, 2022.

Dr. Firda was named the best presenter among dozens of students participating in the international online lecture. She bested students from various countries, including the USA and other Asian countries.

She presented a mechanism of antibiotic resistance and pathophysiology of the body. She chose that topic due to the high number of cases in Indonesia. “In Indonesia, the use of antibiotics is not in accordance with the indications. Not following the culture and the map of germs, causing resistance. Here I discuss the importance of giving the right dose,” she explained.

She was being named the best for oral presentation for a special presentation she had made. She delivered a presentation with animation and videos.

“The presentation was at 2 A.M, and I was the last. Therefore, I tried to make my presentation interesting,” added dr. Firda on Friday, March 25, 2022.

She was supervised by ProfDrNasronudin,Sp.PD.,KPTI-FINASIM, an expert in tropical and infectious diseases from Faculty of Medicine UNAIR.

The 2022 Indonesian Miss Education (Putri Pendidikan Indonesia) said that her knowledge from a beauty pageant was useful for her in preparing the presentation. “When I was in a beauty pageant bootcamp, I learned a lot about body language and presenting self in public. The insight helps a lot. It cannot be gained during formal education,” she said.

It is all well-known that being a specialist program (PPDS) student takes up a lot of time. But Firda wants to develop her knowledge. That’s why she took this online class in between of her busy schedule. The goal, apart from expanding her knowledge, she wants to show that PPDS students from Indonesia are not inferior to students abroad.

Author: Faculty of Medicine Public Relations

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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