UNAIR officially commences face-to-face lectures

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UNAIR’s Director of Academic Affairs, Prof Dr Sukardiman Apt MS, during an offline lecture (PTM) inspection in GKB Campus MERR (C) UNAIR. (Photo: Bastian Ragas)

UNAIR NEWS – After two years of conducting lectures online, Universitas Airlangga began to organize face-to-face lectures again. Universitas Airlangga started the offline lectures (PTM) on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. The temporary PTM activity was applied to Shared Basic Learning (PDB) at the Shared Lecture Building (GKB) Campus MERR (C) UNAIR.

Regarding the first day of PTM, UNAIR Director for Academic Affairs, Prof Dr Sukardiman Apt MS stated that the PTM activities had been considered well. Besides the instruction from the authorized superior, PTM activities in UNAIR are done by observing the more controlled pandemic situation.

“We all know that Surabaya has entered the Restrictions to Community Activities (PPKM) level 1, and the majority of UNAIR students have got their second vaccine shot. It means that these things strengthen the efforts to hold face-to-face lectures,” explained the Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

In front of the press, Prof Sukardiman said that PTM also supports more effective learning. With PTM, the interaction between students and lecturers could be more optimal.

“The learning carried out face-to-face could also emotionally strengthen ties between lecturer and students. With this, knowledge transfer can be better. Thus, of course, can produce HEBAT generations more easily,” he revealed.

At the end, Prof. Sukardiman also emphasized that PTM in UNAIR was conducted by applying strict health protocols. Students who attend PTM must be vaccinated at least for the second dose, check in the Peduli Lindungi app, and get permission from parents.

“In the future, we also keep evaluating and observing the pandemic situation. If it could be controlled well, PTM for all courses can be done in UNAIR completely. Stay Healthy,” he concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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