Supporting creative economy practitioners, UNAIR students win 2nd place in the innovation competition

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Hanif, Oni, and Sabil, showing their work about HEXA-HELIX strategy (Source: Personal Document)

UNAIR NEWS – As one of the superior Indonesian sectors, the creative economy (ekraf) often becomes a magnet in the community. Moreover, the tourism potential in Indonesia keeps being developed by the government. However, when Covid-19 happened, this sector was one of the affected sectors. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga S. Uno, revealed that 120 million jobs in the creative economy sector were lost because of the pandemic.

It triggered Salsabil Rifqi Qatrunnada, Lioni Nur Mahfudah, and Naufal Hanif Ramadhan to create an innovation about the HEXA-HELIX strategy. The innovation has successfully won 2nd place in the SMART INNOVATION BOYOLALI 2022 (SMARTBoy) held by PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Fuel Boyolali Terminal,

To UNAIR NEWS on March 19, 2022, Lioni said that HEXA-HELIX is a new collaboration that includes various aggregators such as incubators, enablers, accelerators, to financial institutions. The collaboration is expected to improve the creative economy sector in Surabaya with creative city principles.

“ HEXA-HELIX Framework beomes the multi-stakeholders key synergy that was done by including all ABCGM+aggregator actors, through connect, collaborate, and commerce approach,” stated the student of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga (FEB UNAIR).

She also added that HEXA-HELIX innovation with creative city principle has eight strategies: Cross-Community Forum, Creative Economy Committee, Creative City Index, Creative Economy Development Plan Deliberation (Musrenbang), Development Navigation, City Branding, Community Festivals, and also Citizen-Owned Enterprises.

The woman known well as Oni also decided how she and her teammates developed the innovation idea for the competition. In her opinion, she and her friends have got a chance to study creative economy masterplan in Surabaya and mandated to be a facilitator at the workshop urun rembug creative economy activists Surabaya.

“By utilizing this experience, we could develop ideas for this innovation competition,” she added.

However, she continued in every teamwork, there must be obstacles. Their tight schedules for internships and organizations force them to use their discussions as effective as possible. For her and the team, any opportunity for discussion must result in significant progress. She and her team were forced to manage their time well.

“Because we are that busy and we are only free at night, we keep the spirit up in working at night, even we are working via zoom and we haven’t slept a day,” revealed Oni.

In the end, Oni also expressed that young people must provide contributions, even if it’s just a little. “Perhaps from your small contribution, it could provide larger benefits, we do not know if we did not try,” she concluded (*)

Author: Afrizal Naufal Ghani

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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