Hundreds of international students attend orientation session at UNAIR

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UNAIR CyberCampus presentation to international students presented by Directorate of Information System representative, Rachman S Marjianto.

UNAIR NEWS – Starting this new semester, Universitas Airlangga has attracted the interests of more than 100 international students to its academic programs. They will study at UNAIR through both degree and non-degree program schemes.

Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) welcomed the international students and held an Academic Orientation and Opening Reception on Friday, February 11, 2022. The online activity was attended by university leaderships, AMERTA, LINGUA program teaching teams, and program participants.

Airlangga Global Engagement Director, Iman Harymawan Ph.D. and Director of the Academic Affairs, Prof Dr. Sukadirman MS Apt expressed a warm welcome to the international students. The international students were also invited to give testimonials for joining academic programs at UNAIR.

“My main intention in joining the LINGUA program is to know further about the Indonesian language and culture because previously I have been given the opportunity to study Indonesian in my home country,” explained June, one of the international students.

Abu Bakar Tarawally, the scholarship recipient of the Developing Countries Partnership Program (KNB), expressed his gratitude because he received the scholarship and could continue his master’s study at UNAIR.

“In my opinion, Indonesia is a beautiful country, and the people are friendly,” he said.

The event proceeded with an academic orientation delivered by several representatives from the directorate in Universitas Airlangga. The first orientation was the Introduction of the UNAIR Academic System was presented by the Secretary of Directorate of Academic Affairs, Syahrur Marta Dwi Susilo SS MA Ph.D. Furthermore, another representative of the Directorate of Academic Affairs, Nilam Andalia Kurniasari SH LLM, presented UNAIR’s Hebat e-learning guide.

In her presentation, Nilam provided tutorials to the students to access the UNAIR e-learning platform that they will use during the program. The final presentation was the introduction of UNAIR’s Cyber Campus by the Directorate of System Information representative, Rachman S Marjianto. (*)

Author: Ananda Wildhan Wahyu Pratama

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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