FKM UNAIR Banyuwangi disseminates Covid-19 facts and hoaxes through social media

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The FKM PSDKU UNAIR PKL team disseminated facts and hoaxes about Covid-19 through social media. (Photo: Illustration by PKL Team)

UNAIR NEWS – Since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, various hoaxes have emerged regarding the Covid-19 virus. Social media becomes one of the channels to spread Covid-19 hoaxes to the public. Many people fall for the hoaxes. In preventing and overcoming the spread of Covid-19 hoaxes in the community, especially on social media, the FKM PSDKU UNAIR PKL Team disseminated facts and hoaxes about Covid-19 through social media.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, Devi Safira Damayanti, as the Head of Program, said that the event was themed “Facts or Myths Around Covid-19”. The activity was carried out online through the Live Instagram platform on Monday, August 23, 2021.

“The activity was carried out through live Instagram from 19.00 to 20.00 targeting the Pakis village community and the general public,” she said.

On that occasion, continued Devi, she invited Xindy Imey, an alumna of FKM PSDKU UNAIR Class of 2017, as a moderator at the event, and dr. RA Adaninggar, Sp.PD., a national health educator, was the speaker at the event.

“We invited dr. Adaninggar because she is one of the national health educators, who focus on educating the public about Covid-19,” she explained.

She also explained that the activity was started with a question box opening to collect questions or information viewers want to ask on the facts and myths about Covid-19. The questions will later be asked to the speaker during the live Instagram. The questions were also taken from live chat on Instagram during the event.

“The purpose of this activity is to straighten out information on Covid-19 and hoaxes in the community, especially social media users,” she said.

At the end, Devi hoped that the public can get correct information about Covid-19. In addition, the public can fight the hoaxes or fake information about Covid-19 spreading in the community.

“Hopefully, the public can sort out the hoaxes and the real facts about COVID-19, especially on social media that is widely used by people today,” she concluded.

Author: Ananda Wildhan Wahyu Pratama

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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