UNAIR Rector officially sends 51 students off for IISMA Program

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UNAIR Rector Prof Moh Nasih (below) has a conversation with UNAR Faculty of Science and Technology student Tania Ruli Natalnael who will attend the IISMA program to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. (Photo: AGE UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Rector officially sent 51 students from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) off to participate in the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) program on Friday, August 20, 2021. Held online, the session was attended by all participants of the IISMA program and senior officials from faculties and the university.

In his speech, UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA. encouraged IISMA participants to take advantage of the great opportunities they have. The participants will gain a lot of knowledge and experience that will be useful for them and their university, nationally and internationally.

“My message is, adhere to the principle of observe, imitate, develop, then perfect it. We hope that our younger students and supervisors will be able to take a lot of lessons from the world’s best universities,” he said.

Prof. Nasih also hoped that the Airlangga Knights (referring to students of Universitas Airlangga) who underwent the student exchange program would be able to bring the good reputation of UNAIR. He emphasized that IISMA is a program with great prestige and opportunity to develop skills and knowledge.

Meanwhile, Director of Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) Iman Harymawan, SE., MBA., Ph.D. in his speech, hoped that IISMA participants would be able to adapt to cultural differences and maintain communication when they are at the host country.

UNAIR Rector, Prof Moh Nasih, (top left) has a discussion with the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business, Prof Dian Agustia (bottom middle) and FEB student, Dewi Nabilah (right bottom) who will take part in the IISMA program to the Netherlands. (Photo: AGE UNAIR)

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On this occasion, many IISMA participants expressed deep appreciation for the assistance given by Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE). AGE is the main support that helps participants with the administration and maintains the smooth running of IISMA both before and during the program.

After the remarks from the rector, all participants had the opportunity to talk with university officials. Vice-Rector for Academic, Students, and Alumni Affairs Prof. Dr. Bambang Sektiari Lukiswanto, DEA., drh., for example, advised IISMA scholarship recipients to explore many positive aspects from their host university.

Likewise, the Director of Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Sukardiman, Apt., MS., hoped that IISMA participants could achieve maximum learning outcomes at the host university. The discussion session was closed with a message from UNAIR Rector that studying can be done anywhere and anytime.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans. What determines your success is not where you learn, but the will, sincerity, purity, and consistency to develop yourself. So don’t worry, we are here, continue to support your steps to move forward, “he concluded.

In the program, UNAIR will send 51 students to 31 foreign universities. The 51 students of the IISMA program will depart in two periods, August-December 2021 and January-May 2022. (*)

Author: Intang Arifia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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