UNAIR AcSES team wins First Place in 2021 Temilnas National Islamic Economics Olympiad

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FEB UNAIR’s AcSES team wins First Place in the Islamic Economic Olympiad of 2021 National Scientific Meeting. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS- Three students from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) have made another proudest national achievement. The FEB AcSES team won 1st Place in the National Islamic Economics Olympiad in the 2021 National Scientific Meeting (TEMILNAS). The three were Alif Fahril Aziz, Dzikri Nurrohman, and Mita Kurniya.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS, Alif Fahril Aziz, as the head of the FEB UNAIR AcSES team, conveyed his team’s struggles in the national level competition. He explained that the Islamic Economics Olympiad is a group sub-competition of the 20th Temilnas.

“Temilnas is organized by the National Islamic Economics Study Forum and hosted by Universitas Diponegoro,” explained Alif.

Alif said that his team made a lot of preparations before the competition. They got intensive assistance from the UKM Faculty of Association of Sharia Economic Studies (AcSES) FEB UNAIR.

“Three days before the competition, my team and I took the initiative to study together by discussing last year’s questions,” explained Alif.

Alif said that from the competition, the team gained a lot of new experiences. They could practice their soft skills in leadership, time management, and team communication. During the preliminary round, teams are required to manage time by working on 100 questions in 75 minutes individually.

In the semifinal, he continued, Alif and his team tried their best to coordinate in answering questions in the form of quizzes given by the committee. Then in the final round, the team was asked to solve a study case and present it to the jury.

“The final round was the most challenging round. We must be able to unite our minds as a solid team. We are required to complete the study case together,” explained Alif.

His team presentation went smoothly and well. They got positive feedback from the jury. Alif and his team admitted that they were nervous about the winners’ announcement during the awarding night.

“Actually, the three of us did not expect that we would win First Place. But Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful for the results achieved by the team,” said Alif.

At the end, Alif explained that in building teamwork, they had interacted and had known each other only for a short time in the AcSES Organization. The interaction makes it easier for them to build their team into a good team.

“Alhamdulillah, so far, the support from UNAIR and the AcSES organization has been quite good. We get intensive guidance for this year’s Temilnas,” concluded Alif. (*)

Author:  Sandi Prabowo

Editor    :  Binti Q. Masruroh (AC/AP)

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