When robotics meets artificial intelligence

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Indonesian society is quite familiar with robots because there are many films that use robots as characters in them. For example from the 90s generation, in their childhood, they watched Power Rangers and the latest is from quite famous movie, Transformers. However, what exactly is a robot? Do robots always have a head, hands and feet like they always appear on the screen, or are there other forms of robots?

The term ‘robot’ is taken from the word robota in Czech which means “forced work or labor “. The concept of the robot itself has been known since the late 14th century when Leonardo Da Vinci sketched humanoid robots. In this modern era, a robot means a man-made machine capable of doing a job, either automatically or via remote control, for examples robot car assemblers in the automotive industry or surgical assistant robots in the medical field. This robot has a shape resembling arms that functions automatically to install car parts so that a ready-to-use car is built (PBS, 2021). 

Recently, one of the development concepts associated with robotics is artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses on the production of “ intelligent ” machines with the ability to do work that requires human intelligence in the form of machines (Bulitin, 2019), such as making decisions, recognizing voices and faces, studying something, or make plans (Saeed, 2020). Alexa and Siri are examples of artificial intelligence products that have features in terms of recognizing voices and making decisions.

Xin Xiaomeng, a newsreader robot in China, is an example of the many robotic technologies that are integrated with artificial intelligence which are still being developed (Utomo, 2019). Not only newsreader robots, there are also scientist assistant robots (Coxworth, 2019), robots for surgery, and so on that are combination of artificial intelligence.

Judging from its rapid and massive development, it can be concluded that the science of robotics and artificial intelligence motivated by the needs in society is interesting to study. So, in the future, robotics and artificial intelligence scientists will be in great demand. Therefore, in order to support the advancement of Indonesian science and technology in this field, Universitas Airlangga opened a bachelor’s degree program on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering (TRKB) in 2019, and began accepting its first batch of students in 2020.

This program provide students with the knowledge and skills that starts with the science and basic mathematics, information technology such as algorithms, programming, computer networks and IOT ( Internet of things ) , the basis of the system of cyber-physical (mechatronics, electronics, control and automation systems, embedded systems), the design and application of robotics and artificial intelligence and its integration, research methodology, entrepreneurship, and professional communication. The curriculum is updated,designed by adjusting the concept of an independent campus curriculum, so students have strong competences up to the application level. Furthermore, graduates from this program will also be individuals with excellence and morality persons in accordance with the motto of Universitas Airlangga , Excellence with Morality.

With a broad career prospects, a well-designed curriculum, and qualified teaching staff in their fields, this program is in great demand. In the academic year 2021/2022, the quota of students who will be accepted in robotics and artificial intelligence engineering is 100 people selected through the SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Independent admission routes.

Come on, prospective students! What are you waiting for?

Complete information about UKT (Single Tuition Fee) and the selection process can be checked through the website of UNAIR Student Admission Center (PPMB), while to get complete information regarding the curriculum and the program, prospective students and their parents / guardians can visit our website, ftmm.unair.ac.id or send short messages via chatbox on the bottom left corner of our website.

See you at TRKB Program !

Author: PR & Branding Team FTMM

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