Tips for writing scientific papers

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UNAIR NEWS – How to write scientific paper? Dr. Tutut Herawan, Information Systems expert of University of Malaya gives some tips in his visit to UNAIR Faculty of Science and Technology Tuesday, September 29, 2019. He stated that scientific publications are important for academics.

There are various reasons why academics should write scientific papers, some of them are to boost career, to find new challenges, to assist students, to practice writing with higher standards, to contribute to science, to gain good reputation, and develop the researcher’s profile. Here are some tips from Dr. Tutut on how to write scientific papers:

  1. Create an Outline

Create your paper outline so it can be well-structured and well-organized

  1. Determine your target journal or conference

First, determine your target journal or conference, then start writing with the target journal/conference required standards

  1. Focus on your writing

When you write your initial composition, do not focus on your language first. Grammatical errors can be fixed later on.

  1. Re-check your work

Re-check your work to ensure quality. Ask your colleague to read and ask for inputs to make the paper better.

  1. Create short and interesting title

Create short and interesting title, avoid lengthy title. Most of Q1 journal papers have short titles.

  1. Make your abstract concise but informative

A good abstract is 150-250 words long and covers all contents of the paper. It should state the backgrounds, statement of the problem or the paper’s objective, method, results, discussion and the conclusion of the study.

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