Introduction to three start-ups of UNAIR alumni

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Ilustrasi: Bastian Ragas
Ilustrasi: Bastian Ragas


The existence of paradox in society regarding the unfairness of the Law triggered an alumnus of Universitas Airlangga to develop a solution by building a LegalHub Indonesia start-up. He is Lukman I. Marpaung or known well as Limar, who graduated from Political Science Bachelor’s Program, Universitas Airlangga.


Deby Fapyane is an alumna of Faculty of Pharmacy from Class of 2005 who develops Cellugy with colleagues. Cellugy is a start-up business in the field of biomaterial production from biotransformation process. In 2019, Cellugy was named finalist in Ocean Plastic Challenge 2019, organized by National Geographic in Washington (USA). Cellugy won the second place and gained funding from Sky Ocean venture (UK). 


An alumnus of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga has produced another solution to community’s problem in the form of a medical start-up. Caesar Givani or known as dr. Caesar is an alumnus of Faculty of Medicine UNAIR class of 2009. is presented in the form of a mobile application and also a website httpps: // . Prospective users can access and download the platform through their respective devices. Furthermore, you can register and order a doctor who will visit the patient to your home or office.

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