Rectors of Universitas Airlangga Timeline

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Ilustrasi: Feri Fenoria
Ilustrasi: Feri Fenoria

Officially established on November 10, 1954, Universitas Airlangga continues to strengthen its role to educate the nation’s life, especially through reinforcement of higher education Tridharma which are education, research, and community service.

The challenges of the past have been faced and future challenges await. Until now (2021), the leadership relay of Universitas Airlangga has reached its 13th leadership, with Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., as the rector for the period 2020-2025. Here is the complete list of UNAIR Rectors:

  1. Prof. Mr. Abdoel Gaffar Pringgodigdo (1954-1961)
  2. Prof. dr. Mohammad Toha Ronodipuro (1961-1965)
  3. Kol. TNI (Purn.) CKH. Chasan Durjat (1965-1966)
  4. Prof. Dr. dr. Eri Sudewo (1966-1974)
  5. Prof. Dr. dr. Kwari Setjadibrata Sp.A (1974-1975)
  6. Prof. Dr. Abdul Gani, S.H, M.S (1976-1980)
  7. Prof. Dr. dr. Marsetio Donoseputro (1980-1984)
  8. Prof. dr. Soedarso Djojonegoro (1984-1993)
  9. Prof. dr. H. Bambang Rahino (1993-1997)
  10. Prof. dr. H. Soedarto DTM&H, Ph.D (1997-2001)
  11. Prof. Dr. Med. dr. Puruhito Sp.B (2001-2006)
  12. Prof. Dr. Fasichul Lisan Apt (2006-2015)
  13. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih SE., M.T., Ak. (2015-now)


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