Using Suweg tubers as cereal ingredient, three UNAIR students win First Place in national competition

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ILLUSTRATION of Suweg tuber cereal and its ingredients. (Photo: team documentation)
ILLUSTRATION of Suweg tuber cereal and its ingredients. (Photo: team documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Until now, local potentials in Indonesia have not been optimally cultivated by the community. Roles of students in helping society optimizing the potentials to advance the community’s economy are needed.

Universitas Airlangga student team led by Reza Istiqomatul Hidayah (2017 Aquaculture student); with Alfiansyah Rizky Ergion (2018 Fishery Product Technology student, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences); and Sri Nor Reni (2018 Accounting student at Faculty of Economics and Business) presented a solution for utilizing and processing Suweg tubers into cereals.

Alif and his colleagues presented the solution through an essay entitled “Suweg Tuber (UTUBER): Optimizing the Potential of Local Food in Tuban Regency in Facing Global Competition to Achieve Success of IEGS 2045”. The essay won them first place and won Best Presentation at 2020 Bidikmisi National Essay Competition.

Alif revealed that the idea of using Suweg tubers came from Reni, a student born in Tuban. In Reni’s hometown, Suweg tubers did not really get attention, even some people in Tuban did not recognize them.

“Because the theme of the competition is Optimizing the Role of Bidikmisi Students in Global Competition to Welcome the 2014 Golden Indonesia. From there we introduced the local potential, Umbi Suweg, to compete in the global arena and make Golden Indonesia movement a success,” said Alif, a team member.

If the Suweg tuber is not processed properly, he continued, it will cause itching and rashes. The SUWEG TUBER team plans to make cereals which are usually made from wheat, made from the Tuban suweg tubers. The composition of Suweg tubers has a carbohydrate content of 80-85 percent, higher than wheat at 60-80 percent. Moreover, Suweg fiber content is higher than wheat, by 13 percent, while wheat is 10 percent.

“Suweg is also low in fat compared to wheat. Wheat contains 2.5 percent, while suweg is only 0.28 percent, “he explained

Cereals from Suweg tubers, continued Alif, are expected to increase student concentration in learning so that it is easy to help students gaining knowledge. “Through this Suweg Cereal, we hope to support the Importance of Breakfast Movement,” he said.

Alif advised students to continue working, especially in their fields of interest, to stay motivated and continue learning. (*)

Author: Dimar Herfano

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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