UNAIR students’ hopes for 2021

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UNAIR NEWS – The year 2020 is quite difficult for most Indonesians, including students. Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes and demanded people to adapt. Welcoming 2021, here are some hopes of UNAIR students.

Adhere to health protocols

Welcoming 2021, Ayik Rochyatul Jannah, a medical student hopes that people who have not complied with health protocols will be willing to comply with health protocols. So, the spread of Covid-19 can be reduced.

“The increasing COVID-19 cases in Indonesia are really regrettable, because of this pandemic, we have lost important people in our lives, our teachers, friends, relatives, and others,” she said.

Halfie Zaqiyah Gusti Puspitasari agreed to Ayik’s statement, the undergraduate student of Nursing program hopes that by 2021, everyone will become more aware of implementing health protocols. According to her, in the current situation, the public must make adjustment due to the presence of the Coronavirus.

Ratna Aula Dewi Ananto or Ratna, an Occupational Health and Safety (K3) three-year vocational program student, also hopes that the pandemic will soon subside so learning activity can gradually return to normal.

Learning system improvement

Meanwhile, Lucke Putri Anjani, a Bachelor of Law student, hopes that 2021 will be a better year, as well as the lecture system, which is hopefully good again. This hope was shared by Candra Rizal Sabili, a Bachelor of Law student who also hoped for an improvement in the system of UNAIR cybercampus.

“Hopefully the cybercampus during KRS (study planning) will not show error, so the law students will not be late for KRS,” said Candra.

Zanna Afia Deswari, a student of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, hopes that data collection will be carried out related to the provision of internet quota assistance because there are still many students who have not received this assistance. Zanna also hopes that the performance and quality of UNAIR’s e-learning system can be better. It is a challenge for UNAIR so that the teaching and learning system can run better.

Back to offline learning

Fahan Fahrudin Subianto, an Aquaculture bachelor’s degree student, hopes that in 2021 the situation will improve and students can return to offline learningAs being at home too long makes him feel bored and he wants to meet his friends to have coffee and discussions together.

Rifda, a student of Epidemiology bachelor’s degree program, Faculty of Public Health also hopes that in 2021 it will be possible for offline learningHowever, as long as the pandemic is not over, according to Rifda, health and prevention are the most important things and need to be prioritized.

“Hopefully UNAIR will never stop making improvements to present an effective learning method by always prioritizing health for the entire community,” she continued.

Likewise, Alfina Rossa said that it does not matter if the learning is conducted online or blended learning by prioritizing security and safety of the community. However, she hopes that the learning method will be more varied and students will not be limited in taking courses that should have been taken during normal conditions, such as a community service (KKN) course.

“In my opinion, right now, whatever it is, don’t wait until the pandemic ends because we don’t know when it happens. However, we must be able to adapt, including the learning and its system, “said Rossa. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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