UNAIR FEB Master of Management makes national achievements in ISCRBM APMMI Awards

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UNAIR NEWS – Master of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business (MM FEB) has made UNAIR gain good reputation at national level. Several UNAIR MM FEB students managed to get Best Paper in two fields and favorite presenter. UNAIR MM FEB Program also received the “The Most Active & Innovative Program” award in Indonesian Master of Management Program Alliance (APMMI) Awards based on the excellence showed during the Covid-19 period.

All awards were obtained at 4th International Seminar of Contemporary Research in Business & Management (ISCRBM) in 2020, which was organized by the APMMI. UNAIR MM FEB Program Coordinator Dr. Gancar Candra Premananto was the Chief Executive, with co-hosts from MM FBE Ubaya, MM FEB UK Petra, MM STIE Perbanas, and MM FE UTM.

The Best Paper 1 award in the field of Strategic Management was won by Irfan Arif Abdillah, Mirna Rizki Amalia and Dr. Gancar Candra Premananto. The Best Paper 1 award in Operational Management and Supply Chain was won by Taruli Sondang, Hanif Fauzan and Sri Hartini.

Dr. Gancar Candra Premananto, SE., M.Si. said that the best paper assessment is from the full paper submitted. The paper is then analyzed for originality, theory relevance, methodological accuracy, delivery of results, and accuracy of suggestions.

“However, the values of these elements only cover 70 percent of the assessment, the other 30 percent are the results of the ratings provided by other participants,” he explained.

Beside getting Best Paper 1, UNAIR MM FEB students also received awards as favorite presenter based on the video presentation and powerpoint material provided at digiseminar.id. Taruli Sondang received the ‘The Most Favorite’ award for the Operational Management and Supply Chain category, while Irfan Arif Abdillah received the second Most Favorite for the Strategic Management category.

“These awards complement other awards received by MM, both from internal and from other stakeholders. This is a form of taking pride as UNAIR MM FEB academicians, “he explained.

As of UNAIR MM FEB Program Coordinator, Dr. Gancar plans to continue their innovative activities. It is also in line with the vision to become an innovative master of management program.

“We shouldn’t wait and hesitate for doing something new. We should not make our vision work only as a collection of beautiful words, but it can be realized into action,” he concluded. (*)

Author:  Sandi Prabowo

Editor    :  Khefti Al Mawalia

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