Students deliver aid to residents of Surabaya

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UNAIR NEWS – Beside affecting the health sector, the pandemic also had an impact on the economy. Lots of people have lost their source of living. As a result, they cannot fulfill their basic needs.

As a response to this problem, the student association (HIMA) of Dental Engineering Three Year Vocational (D3) program, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a Village Service (Abdi Desa) program. Efforts to comply with health protocols and fulfill daily needs were the main focus of the event.

Many people in the Kedungsroko and Kedungtarukan areas, Surabaya, have been affected and some even lost their jobs. Not only for their daily necessities, but they also have difficulties in getting their hands on masks to comply with health protocols. In fact, during a pandemic like this, masks are no longer an additional requirement, but a basic one.

“The condition of people there, many of whose economies are disrupted due to the pandemic,” said Diny Ilmy Afifah who is the deputy of HIMA D3 Dental Engineering, Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR.

Village service by HIMA D3 Dental Engineering is not a new program. They have done similar activities 7 times. It is an annual event that is always carried out to implement the Tri Dharma of higher education.

The village service on September 12, 2020 was intended to help the local community in surviving the pandemic. “This village service is done to help those who are affected to meet their needs. It is not only about rice, but the need for masks and handsanitizers is also fulfilled, ”said Diny.

Efforts are being made to distribute basic food packages, masks and hand sanitizers to the community. “What is given is the basic food supplies such as rice, sugar, oil, instant noodles, coffee, tea. We also gave them masks and handsanitizers, ” she said.

The locals were very enthusiastic. Moreover, many elderly people in Kedungsroko and Kedungtarukan live alone, without any family members accompanying them to spend their old age.

“They are very happy, some cried emotionally. The smiles from the elderly soothed our hearts, ”explained Diny. (*)

Author: Icha Nur Imami Puspita

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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