House of Representatives Commission IX learns drugs management at UNAIR

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SHouse of Representatives Commission IX at Institute of Tropical Diseases UNAIR. (Photo: M. Alif Fauzan)

UNAIR NEWS – The House of Representatives Commission IX has just visited Universitas Airlangga. The meeting was held in UNAIR Institute of Tropical Diseases on Thursday, October 1.

On behalf of UNAIR Rector, Prof. Bambang Sektiari as Vice Rector for Research, Innovation and Community Development welcomes the delegates from the Drugs Management working committee DPR-RI, Ministry of Health and Food and Drug Monitoring Agency.

In his remarks, Prof. Bambang welcomed the delegates and stated that UNAIR is always ready to provide inputs and insights to the House members regarding management of drugs.

“And hopefully, the inputs from us could determine the policy to be made by the government with the house of representatives,” he said.

In response to Prof. Bambang’s statement, Head of DPR-RI delegates Nihayatul said there were aspirations from the society on drug development problems, such as on drug materials which are still imported.

“We got a lot of inputs about it, so drug materials we use for production are from our own country,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Head of UNAIR Stem Cell Research Center, dr. Purwati, explained that one of the indicators of progress is innovation, especially in health sector, and she emphasized that innovation must be supported by technological advancement.

“To reduce our dependence on imported materials, there should be more innovation. Therefore, we expect supports from the house of representatives so the down-stream process can be easier,” she explained. “All of these are expected so our own products can develop well,” she added.

Regarding the drugs management, UNAIR has played its role well, such from the development of seaweed capsule shell teaching industry.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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