2701 students graduated in four sessions

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UNAIR NEWS – During pandemic, the ceremony of student graduation is carried out online. Universitas Airlangga for the second time held an online graduation ceremony on Saturday and Sunday, September 19, 20, 2020.

There are 2,701 graduands to be graduated in four sessions. Graduation was held online, witnessed by the parents of graduates. So, even though they are in different places, they can interact with UNAIR Rector directly.

“There are morning and afternoon sessions, for two days. Each session, there are around 600 students. Because it is live, real time, everyone can be face to face with the Rector. Thus, it will not reduce the sacredness of the graduation, “said Dr. Hadi Subhan as Acting Director of Academic Affairs.

Regarding the preparation, Hadi continued, it is close to 100 percent. The offline ceremony will only be attended by a limited number of graduation officers, faculty leaders, professors, and rector and vice rectors. It will be held at Garuda Mukti Hall, UNAIR Management Office.

Challenge of finishing studies amid pandemic

Finishing studies during a pandemic is a challenge for students, especially those who are looking for jobs. Because according to Hadi, economic growth in Indonesia is not currently in a good state.

On the contrary, it is now the right time for graduates to continue their studies to the next level.

“With the pandemic situation, graduates will have their own challenges, especially for those who will work. They should be a little more patient. For those who will continue their studies, it is the right time, “said Hadi.

Second, added Hadi, graduates can also gain knowledge and skills through training. Job training organized by the government through pre-employment cards can be an alternative while waiting for the situation to get better.

This September 2020 online graduation period, UNAIR rector graduated 2,701 students from 14 faculties and one postgraduate school. There 129 students from Faculty of Medicine, 5 students from Faculty of Dental Medicine, 92 students from Faculty of Law, 280 students from Faculty of Economics and Business, 1 student from Faculty of Pharmacy, 43 students from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Also, 250 students from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, 309 students from Faculty of Science and Technology, 26 students from Postgraduate School, 97 students from Faculty of Public Health, 99 students from Faculty of Psychology, 211 students from Faculty of Humanities, 146 students from Faculty of Nursing, 121 students from Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, and 892 students from Faculty of Vocational Studies.

Among the 2701 graduated students, 11 of them are international students, such as from Malaysia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Gambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Timor Leste, and Turkmenistan. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

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