Eight-year-old girl donates her saving for Covid-19 handling in Surabaya

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Naura with her parents gave her savings to help with Covid-19 response. It was received directly by Head of Social Funds Management Center (Puspas) (UNAIR) on Friday, May 29, 2020. (Photo: Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – The Covid-19 pandemic has inspired us with inspirational stories from various elements of the community, including the second grade elementary school girl, Naura Rahima Fatahila.

Naura donated Rp813,000 from her saving to support Covid-19 response. The fund was handed over by Naura with her mother directly through Social Funds Management Center (Puspas) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) on Friday, May 29, 2020.

“The total of money handed over today is Rp813,000. It was counted together at Puspas. This is her saving from one of her piggy banks at home, combined with Lebaran money, ” she said.

According to Andri Suryandari, Naura’s mother, his daughter has always been fond of saving money. Naura’s parents have also long taught giving alms habit and saving money.

“The money is sometimes from me or his father, relatives who visit, or when playing to grandparents home and given money. She saved it in three piggy banks,” he said.

Actually, the savings are free to use by Naura for anything. Initially, she began to save money to buy toys to smartphones. But over time, her wishes always change.

Until finally Naura wanted to donate her savings to help dealing with Covid-19 in Surabaya. “I used to save to buy a game, then I want a toy. Keep changing it, but she never bought it either because lately she thinks she doesn’t really need that, ”said Andri.

“At the time of Eid he said ‘mama, let’s collect my saving, but donate it for Covid. Many people need help’, so. Finally, we gave the money to UNAIR through Puspas, “said Naura’s mom.

Previously, Naura had seen television shows about many Covid-19 referral hospitals that were overwhelmed and lacked Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Naura felt sorry for the surge in Covid-19 patients, but the hospital still lacked PPE.

“At that time she said, ‘Many people are in needs. The patient also increased a lot. The beds aren’t enough and the clothes aren’t enough either. It’s okay for my money to be donated there,’ that’s what she said,” stated Andri.

Naura said she was happy to provide such donation. It certainly gives new enthusiasm and inspiration for the community not to give up on the situation. “Naura said ‘I hope the patient gets well soon and Covid can go home quickly,” concluded Andri. (*)

Author: Erika Eight Novanty

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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