UNAIR Faculty of Law student from Malang initiates movement fighting Corona in hometown

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UNAIR NEWS – In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has infected more than 1 million global population, including 1,986 people in Indonesia, a student of Faculty of Law from class 2019, Rahardian Satya Mandala initiated a movement “Fight Corona” in Malang city. The movement’s activities include the distribution of free masks and hand sanitizers, and dissemination of information related to the COVID-19 to small traders, janitors, and online taxis. The Fight Against Corona was held for 7 days on March 23-29, 2020.

The movement was inspired by anxiety related in poor communities who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure due to limited access of information regarding preventive measures to protect themselves from the virus. Ardi was also moved to start the “Spirit to Fight Corona” movement because he saw a post on Twitter that someone had the initiative to distribute flyers to people with limited information in Salatiga.

“In my opinion, the dissemination related to this virus to the people in Malang is lacking not like in Surabaya. Therefore, I decided to go to the streets, “said Ardi.

On the first day, Ardi went alone to distribute approximately 40 flyers containing information about COVID-19 to the sanitation workers. After educating 30 people, the second day he also distributed 50 flyers with the help of his two friends. To avoid the crowd, Ardi limited only 2 people who could help him.

“The second day I also collaborated with Seasters Project to distribute homemade hand-washing soap bars. Alhamdulillah, this movement was welcomed well by netizens and supported by my friends. On my friends’ advice, I started a fundraising, “he said.

On the third day, Ardi continued his community service activities by distributing soap and hand sanitizers to informal workers such as scavengers and vegetable sellers. Online motorbike taxis were their target on the fourth day, by distributing hand sanitizers and vitamin C drinks. He explained that online motorcycle taxis were vulnerable to the virus transmission because they had to leave the house every day to make a living.

Then, from the fifth to the last day, Ardi and his friends distributed masks to online motorbike taxi, traders in Madyopuro Market, and workers at the Supit Urang final waste area. The masks were also donated to hospitals that were in need.

The Spirit to Fight Corona movement has been viral on social media and gained a lot of supports in the form of support and donations. Ardi revealed that the risk of contracting the virus did not dampen his enthusiasm to carry out the movement as long as he continued to maintain nutrition and maintain hygiene, and always apply health procedures. He hoped that this movement could inspire people throughout Indonesia to work and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have also made a report of accountability so that the movement will remain transparent. This Spirit to Fight Corona is only a small movement, but kindness is usually small things done sincerely and continuously. Because, the people who felt the most negative impacts of the pandemic, both economically and medically, are poor communities. Therefore, hopefully they are helped by this movement. Long life good things, “he concluded.

Author: Pradnya Wicaksana

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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