UNAIR students with local police greening up the community service program

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Group photo session with the local authorities. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Back to Village Community Work Group (KKN BV) of Universitas Airlangga located in Manyaran Village, Banyakan Subdistrict, Kediri Regency held an environmental activity collaborated with local police. By carrying out reforestation located in Ngesong Hamlet at Banyakan subdistrict, Kediri on Saturday, January 04.

The group consisting of 10 people came from different faculties: FST, FKH, FEB, and FK. Besides, Dwiky Rahmat Hidayatullah as the person in charge of the event gained positive responses. The students officially launched the program, and local police also helped them by making it as the national program.

“This local police station has a variety of activities, especially about the environmental program. When we did a survey, we interviewed one of the police officers who were also active in reforestation activities, “he said.

The activity carried out simultaneously by national police throughout Indonesia. Subdistrict Banyak collaborated with a state forest enterprise, sub-district officials, health center, students of KKN BV UNAIR, and community leaders. In the activity, there were teak and mahogany tree seedlings that will be planted with a total of 1000 trees.

“The location was chosen based on the results of reports from anoa satellite monitoring reported to the police. This location has experienced fires as much as 4-5 times in 2019. Thus,  reforestation is carried out in there, “explained the student who is familiarly called Dwiky.

The event was opened by the District Police Chief, AKP Sudadi and he also said that the activities expected to inspire people in planting more trees.

“According to an investigation from America, one tree that grows and lives produce oxygen for inhaled by 1,5 people. Besides, this experience can be their unforgettable story for them, “he concluded.

Author: Athiya Adibatul Wasi Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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