Malawi University professor invited as guest lecture and signed MOA

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Prof. Jonathan Makuwira DipEd (Mw), B.Ed (Hons), MpHIL (uk), PhD (Aus) (blue batik) with several students while filling public lectures. (Photo: Nabila Amelia)

UNAIR NEWS – Collaboration on education at the global level continues to be carried out by Universitas Airlangga. One of them is by cooperating with various universities in Southeast Africa in the framework of organizing two weeks inbound staff programs. On that occasion, UNAIR through the Graduate School specifically invited teachers from Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST).

Professor Jonathan Makuwira who is Deputy Vice-Rector and Head of Development Studies at MUST. Interviewed on Monday, December 3, he got an invitation from Vice Director I Postgraduate School of UNAIR, namely Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’ruf drh., M. Kes., A few months ago. The visit lasted from Monday, November 25 to Thursday, December 5.

“The purpose of my visit here is to give a public lecture. Regarding Human Resources Management, How Generation Z Will Transform The Future of Human Resources Development and Standing on the Shoulder of Giants: The Unwritten Ways to Get Scopus Index, “said him.

On the lecture agenda related to human resource development, Prof. Jonathan revealed many things, including the importance of sustainable public health services and national health policies. There was also a public lecture about writing a Scopus indexed journal. There several rules for writing a journal.    

“In terms of the learning system, there are differences between both parties such as the number of students in one class. Language differences become a challenge for me because not all students can speak English. “he said.

Signing Cooperation Agreement with Post-Graduate School

Prof. Jonathan Makuwira DipEd (Mw), B.Ed (Hons), MpHIL (uk), PhD (Aus) (black batik) with representatives of Post-Graduate School Universitas Airlangga signed Memorandum of Agreement. (Photo: Courtesy).

Before filling the lecture, Prof. Jonathan held a meeting with UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih SE., MT. Ak., to discuss cooperation between the two universities in the future. Furthermore, there was a herbal tea product by UNAIR academics, and he was interested in sending his staff to learn more about the product.

Besides meeting with the rector, Prof. Jonathan also signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the officials of Post Graduate School on Wednesday, December 4. There was an agreement between these two parties. Namely, related to teaching, research, publication, and academic collaboration; student and staff exchanges; development activities to the provision of technical support.

“There is one activity that has just begun, namely joint research between PSDM Master Study Program students and Prof. Jonathan. He also held journal guidance seminar with students from Postgraduate School, Faculty of Dentistry (FKG), and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH), ” added Rizki Priyoko as a Graduate School student (*)

Author: Nabila Amelia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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