Representing graduates, Brenda emphasizes value of Excellence with Morality

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Brenda D'Angela Candra Wijaya, one of the graduates, delivers her remarks in December graduation. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)

UNAIR NEWS – Rector of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has graduated 1,235 students from 14 Faculties and Postgraduate Schools in Graduation Ceremony of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) in December 2019 on December 7, 2019. The event was held at the Airlangga Convention Center (ACC).

Brenda D’Angela Candra Wijaya, one of the graduates, had the opportunity to represent the graduates. On that occasion, Brenda first expressed her gratitude and highest appreciation to all parties who have helped her in her study at UNAIR.

“On behalf of the graduates, I’d like to express gratitude and highest appreciation to all parties who have assisted us in our studies at Universitas Airlangga so we can complete our obligations in education properly,” said the International Relations graduate.

In her remarks, Brenda also invited the graduates to thank themselves for being able to survive and try their best to complete an important period in their life. Furthermore, she continued, mistakes and shortcomings they made will be valuable lessons in the future in order to be representative of UNAIR.

For her, UNAIR with its value of Excellence with Morality has taught the essence of intellectual with personality as a student for the community. Brenda, also emphasized to fellow graduates to practice the knowledge they have gained so that it can benefit the general public and be in line with that core value.

“The knowledge that we have gained so far will be put into practice so that they are beneficial to the general public and in line with UNAIR’s value, Excellence with Morality, ” she explained.

Furthermore, Brenda hoped that they will not forget a bit of regret and pride happened in the past during their success in becoming a person at that point.

“Hopefully if we meet ourselves in the past we will not forget a bit of regret and pride that today, whatever happened in the past has succeeded in shaping me and we all become who we are at this stage,” she concluded.

Author: Asthesia Dhea C.

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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