Winning several international and national competition, Fitra become an outstanding student of FIB UNAIR

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UNAIR NEWS – Fitra Riyanto, one of Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga, majoring in history study received an award as an outstanding student on Monday, December 2.

Fitra’s achievements are inseparable from the accomplishments during his study. Furthermore, he has achieved a national and international award.

His international achievements include being a speaker in 2018 ITCAT Conference Turkey, CISAK 2018 South Korea, and a Leadership Camp delegation at University of Malaya. Furthermore,  he also won in several national competition.

“Being selected as 2019 Oustanding Student in FIB is something that I never imagined,” said the 7th-semester student.

Moreover, Fitra received tons of support from his friend and lecturer. Lecturers knew him as literacy activists by establishing a Linkar Prestasi (Lipres).

“Usually, the selection of outstanding students in the faculty goes through in the third semester and fifth semester. I feel so much honoured to be given the title as 2019 outstanding student,” he said.

This time was different; the award was given directly by representatives of FIB. He gave appreciation for all FIB academics staff who had helped him.

At the beginning of registration, he was only asked to report several achievements in 2019. But instead, he got an invitation to receive an award as a 2019 FIB Outstanding Student in FIB Anniversary event.

Fitra is known to be active in participating in national and international competitions, and he still attends his schedule classes and active as a literacy activist.

“I want to help people by teaching them every knowledge that I gained,” he said.

He added that the real title of an outstanding student was not only seen academically, but it can be seen as a way to help people.

As an appreciation, FIB gave an award as a form of appreciation place for all of outstanding student. (*)

Author: Aditya Novrian

Editor: Khefti Almawalia

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