UNAIR Faculty of Law lecturer: With agricultural insurance agreement, food security can be improved

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – Law No. 19 of 2013 concerning Protection and Empowerment of Farmer , mandates protection of farmers. Legal protection for farmers is needed, due to the risks they face against the crops planted.

“For this reason, insurance is needed in their food sector, because it plays an important role in increasing population and food demand,” said UNAIR Faculty of Law lecturer, Zahry Vandawati Chumaida, S.H, M.H.

Furthermore, the government is promoting a program to increase agricultural output with the national food security program, which is certainly very much an impact on food products grown by farmers.

Government food security programs are given to farmers by providing protection to their agricultural products using an agricultural insurance program.

The agricultural insurance program launched by the government is expected to assist farmers in increasing agricultural yields and provide protection from the risk of losses on agricultural products grown by farmers.

“The agricultural insurance program is regulated in Minister of Agriculture Regulation No. 40 of 2015 concerning Agricultural Insurance Facility,” said the lecturer from Surabaya.

To address the issue, Zahry conducted a legal study to generate arguments, and new theories or concepts as prescriptions for solving problems.

Normative legal research is used in the analysis of her research, because its research methods are normative in law. The method is used to carry out an analysis of laws and regulations, while doctrinal research is used to conduct an analysis on the principles of law, legal literature, and views of legal scholars with high qualifications.

“As the research used is normative legal research, the research approach used is the Statute Approach and Conceptual Approach,” she explained .

In line with the legal mandate, Zahry said, the government played a key role in the development of agricultural insurance as a form of protection for farmers. Providing protection to farmers with agricultural insurance programs is expected to increase production in the agricultural sector, especially in paddy farming.

In accordance with the constitutional mandate, the government must take an important role in the development of Agricultural Insurance. In this context, the government plays a role as a protector of farmers. The food security program launched by the government is expected to be able to provide encouragement to farmers to increase agricultural production through protection using agricultural insurance.

For the success of agricultural insurance, there are various expected support mechanisms, such as in the form of premium subsidy funds, research and development of agricultural insurance products, provision of insurance and reinsurance, direct purchase of agricultural insurance by the government, and arrangements for specific agricultural insurance programs targeting small farmers.

“In addition to the role of the central government, the role of the regional government is also very vital in terms of coordinating all relevant agencies, in which the agricultural insurance program is accessed in order to strengthen the national food security program,” she said.

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor  : Nuri Hermawan

Link      :  http://www.iaeme.com/ijciet/issues.asp?JType=IJCIET&VType=10&IType=6

Zahry Vandawaty Chumaida, Et. Al, 2019, The Existence of Agricultural Assurance Agreement on National Food Resilience Program, Vo.10, No.6, 121-132.

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