UNAIR Experts Study Post-Extirpated Dental Pulp Tissue

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – Galih Sampoerno drg., M. Kes., Sp.KG., in his research on post extirpated dental pulp tissue confirmed that one of the treatments that can be done for dental caries that has affected the nerve tissue of the tooth or pulp tissue is with canal treatment root or endodontic treatment. According to him, root canal treatment has various stages, preparation, sterilization and filling of the root canal which must be carried out sequentially.

“At the root canal preparation stage there is a stage called pulp tissue extirpation,” he said.

Pulp tissue extirpation, according to him, is the removal of infected pulp tissue in the root canal. At the time of treatment, he said, in root canals can occur flare ups. Flare ups are the occurrence of pain, swelling or both during root canal treatment which causes the patient to make unscheduled visits to the dentist.

“Severe pain or swelling during root canal treatment is a serious problem,” he said.

Furthermore, he also said, according to several studies conducted abroad, the incidence of flare ups ranged from 3.17% – 80% during root canal treatment. If the flare up is associated with pulp tissue diagnosis, he continued, according to the research that has been done, the results are different.

“Some say the cause of flare ups is teeth that are diagnosed as irreversible pulpitis, some say the cause of flare ups is teeth that are diagnosed as pulp necrosis, some also say the cause of flare ups is teeth that are diagnosed as vital teeth,” he explained.

Not only that, he also asserted that the research conducted was an experimental laboratory conducted using 15 Spraque Dawley mice as subjects divided into three groups. It consisted of five subjects, the control group, the pulp tissue extirpation group, and the LPS administration group followed by the pulp tissue extirpation.

“Pulp tissue extirpation will cause a higher flare up response in vital teeth compared to vital teeth that have inflammation,” he concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia



Galih Sampoerno, Jenny Sunariani, Kuntaman (2019). Expression of NaV-1.7, TNF-a and HSP-70 inexperimental flare-up post-extirpated dental pulptissue through a neuroimmunological approach. The Saudi Dental Journal.

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