BEM FEB UNAIR hosts Indonesian Economics Student Forum (FMEI)

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UNAIR NEWS – Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR hosted Indonesian Economic Student Forum (FMEI) from Thursday, November 7 to Saturday, November 9. Being held in Bidakara Fancy Tunjungan Hotel, students from dozens of Indonesian universities gathered to have discussions.

There were 75 representatives from 16 universities in Indonesia, including UI, UGM, UNAIR, UNPAD, UKSW, UNDIP, UNMUL, TEL-U, UB, UNSOED, UNS, UNY, UNPAD, IPB, UNNES, and UNIB.

Interviewed by UNAIR News on Tuesday, November 12, Sarah Hersa Amira, Head of FMEI, explained the theme of the activity. She stated that this FMEI’s theme was Indonesian Tax Restructuring to Improve Tax Ratio in Realizing Indonesian Economic Acceleration.

In her opinion, Indonesian Economic Student Forum (FMEI) is a forum for students from across Indonesia to give active and solutive contributions. This forum is held to discuss economic issues receiving attention from the public.

“From the forum, the output will be produced in the form of recommendations on economic issues which will later be given to the authorities,” she said.

Every year, she continued, FMEI held a meeting twice. This year FMEI held its first meeting in April at Mulawarman University, Samarinda and the second meeting was held at UNAIR on November 7-9.

“FMEI is intended as a form of student’s active contribution in overseeing economic conditions in Indonesia to improve sensitivity among economic students on economic conditions in Indonesia,” she added.

FMEI activities began with brainstorming session with the first speaker, Abra El Talattov. Abra is an economist of the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), the Manager of the Pillars of Economic Development and Jakarta SDGs Secretariat. The second speaker was Widodo Ramadyanto, the Head of Direct Tax Revenue, Fiscal Policy Office Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

The event then continued with a discussion between fellow students. The discussion produced points of recommendations given to the stakeholders, in this case, the Directorate General of Taxes for its Follow Up Realization (RTL).

The representative who received RTL recommendations was Dr. Hiqma Nur Agustiningsih, SE., Msi., Ak (Head of Objection Appeal and Reduction III Section of DJP East Java I Regional Office). “I hope that the points of recommendations submitted by students can be followed up by the government for the sustainability of a more advanced Indonesian economy,” she stated. (*)

Author: Sandi Prabowo

Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia

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