Finding Passion and Motivation for Business with Pandji Pragiwaksono

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UNAIR NEWS – BEM Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR held an International Development Students Conference (IDSC) Seminar on Friday, October 31. Located at Airlangga Convention Center (ACC), Pandji Pragiwaksono, one of the leading actors, stand-up comedians and writers in Indonesia, presented as the main speaker with Putri Tanjung.

He explained material on how students can motivate and realise their strengths to start entering the business world. “I was born from a broken home family. Bankrupt, had a hitchhiker, poor academic grades, but how am I in this position now? ” said him.

According to Pandji, people’s destiny and success are not determined by how life begins but how it is carried out. Thus, we should throw away any negative thoughts, and basically, everyone can do it with their ways.

“One of the classic problems of young people is usually their parent don’t permit them to start something. From what I have learned, they just don’t understand, “he explained.

According to Pandji, the world development that makes diversification of work opportunities increasingly widespread becomes difficult for parents to understand. “Imagine if your parents want you to be a gamer. A few months ago, a 16-year-old teenager who won 42 billion prizes from Fortnite competition, “he said.

For this reason, Pandji suggests that students try to introduce their passion for parents so they can understand more. The second problem that young people do not know their passion.

“Because we never learn about our passion. If you are in university, then continue your study and develop your knowledge. After that, you can combine your passion with the knowledge that you gained during classes in university. “said him.

He gave an example through people who are involved in communication and public speaking and interested in football. One way to combine these two things is you can be a football commentator.

Besides, Pandji said that people should not seek for money first. “Try to do some activities in several fields. Try not to expect money first because of the quality of your work and satisfaction is more important than quantity, “he explained.

Finally, Pandji reminded the participants never to bury their hope. “Be brave and the best version of you,” he concluded. (*)

Author: Intang Arifia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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