FKp Delegation Wins 1st Place in Basic Life Support Competition at UNPAD

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FKp Delegation for Basic Life Support team Adila Rosyida and Mauludiah Mahayu Nilam Anindy receive a trophy at Padjajaran University, Bandung. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – One of the Faculty of Nursing Delegations (FKp) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) won first place in Skill Lab category competition. FKp delegation participated in the competition held at Padjadjaran University, This is Our Care (TOC) 2019.

The competition which was held for two days on Saturday and Sunday (October 12-13, 2019) was about disability. Various kinds of competitions were held, one of them was in lab skill category. Mauludiah Mahayu Nilam Anindy and Adila Rosyida were delegates of one of the three Basic Life Support (BHD) teams that won 1st place.

To UNAIR NEWS, Adila explained about the steps of giving basic life supports to someone. “In the competition, we explain the steps to handle the victim has no pulse, no respiration,” said Adila.

Adila said that she never expected to win the first place. “We just wanted to take the test,” she said.

Before the competition, there were tests that must be followed. Because it was limited, only 6 people were taken from BHD team. “Before taking the test, we have intensive training with the team, independent training, and also training accompanied by seniors,” she said.

Various obstacles and problems were faced by the BHD team. College assignments and mid-term test (UTS) did not prevent the team from honing their abilities.

“The problem was UTS at that time. I thought about a lot of things including my study, ” she said.

Adila explained that the purpose of participating in the Lab Skills category was to learn more about BHD. “The knowledge can only come in the fifth semester. The first semester is still not available, ” she explained.

Before the announcement of the winners, Adila and Mauludiah did not expect much when their team’s name was not mentioned in the 3rd or 2nd place, they did not expect to be called as the 1st place in the competition. “I never thought of it, but we were grateful that we were awarded 1st place, “concluded Adila. (*)

Author: R. Dimar Herfano Akbar

Editor    : Binti Q Masruroh

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