2019 Stovit Award Gives Appreciation for FKG UNAIR Achievers

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UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held the fourth time of Stovit Award since its implementation in 2016. The event was held as a form of appreciation to FKG UNAIR academics at Center Hall FKG UNAIR on Saturday, October 19.

The event was held from 4 p.m to 11.30 p.m and attended by approximately 300 guests from students, lecturers, educators, and alumni. Dean of FKG UNAIR, Dr. R. Darmawan Setijanto drg., M. Kes., opened the event directly.

This event is an awarding event in collaboration with BEM FKG UNAIR 2019 together with the Dean of the Faculty. Mainly, giving give appreciation to outstanding academicians, and there were various performances such as Modern Dance, Flashmob, Stovit Music Project, Food Decorating Contest, and motivational material from the former Rector of ITS, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Nuh, DEA.

Cahyono Pulunggono as the representative of BEM FKG UNAIR from the Board of Students’ Welfare said Stovit Award is also a reunion event for students, alumni, and lecturers.

“There were several innovations in 2019 Stovit Award, such as a food decorating contest with participants from 13 departments at FKG UNAIR and guests presentation from Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Nuh, DEA, ” he added.

Furthermore, Raihan Liandro, one of 2019 Stovit Award organizers hoped the event would develop each year. Besides, this year was the first time for students involved in the event preparation.

“Hopefully, we can increase the number of committees. Thus, the event can be held even more lively,” he said. (*)

Author: Anugrah Visar Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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