Banyuwangi UNAIR Lecturer Gives Tips on Four Ways to Maintain Mental Health

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Illustration by TirtoID

UNAIR NEWS – We just celebrated World Mental Health Day recently. Reporting from the official account of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), the theme raised this year is “Promotion of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.”

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS, Lecturer at Faculty of Public Health (FKM) PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi, Susy Kartika Sebayang SP., M.Si., Ph.D gave her opinion. The lecturer who often raises mental health in research and one of the originators of the Kenal Peer community provides various ways to maintain mental health for everyone. Here are several tips for maintaining mental health:

1. Various Information Related to Mental Health

Sharing information will help people to understand mental health, public must share this information to people. Thus, they will understand the characteristics of people experiencing mental disorders both moderate and severe, then they will know how to prevent and resolve the problem.

2. Managing Stress

We must know when we are stressed and manage to make our work and lifestyle better. We need to be aware of it. For example.” Long term anxiety, losing interest in something, trying to hide away from (people) or even thinking about ​​suicide.

3. Sports

If we routinely exercise, it will help us to socialize with other people. Besides being physically healthy, we can socialize with people, so it will make our soul healthier.

4. Get to Know Other People feelings in 40 Seconds

Asking other people about their condition will help people to feel they have friends and loved, which also makes suicidal feelings go down. Based on research, every 40 seconds 1 person dies because of suicide. Therefore, there is a 40-second action movement to check other people’s feelings: neighbors, relatives or closest people. It played a significant role of mental health in Indonesia.

Author: Rista Novoanti

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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