UKM Bridge UNAIR Won 2 Achievements at Gunadarma Bridge Tournament

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Tim UKM Bridge UNAIR meraih 2 prestasi di Turnamen Bridge Gunadarma, Jakarta. (Foto : Pribadi)

UNAIR NEWS – The delegation of Student Activity Unit (UKM) Bridge Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) won two achievements in U-21 and U-26 Gunadarma Bridge Tournaments. The tournament was held for two days on Saturday-Sunday, October 05-06 at Universitas Gunadarma, Jakarta.

In the competition, UNAIR delegation won two achievements at the same time, namely Champion I of U-26 pair and Champion II of U-26 team. The team won second place in the group consisted of Stefanus Endras, Reza Ramadhan, Fatur Rizal, and Amanda Bagus and the winner category I won by Gilberto Timothy.

Gilberto Timothy revealed that it was not easy to get the first and second place positions. Moreover, Airlangga Kuning Team added their training portion.

“At first the training was only on Friday. With the tournament, they did intensive training on Saturdays and Sundays, also added online training,” said Gilberto.

The first day is the group category with six sessions. After that, four teams were taken to proceed to the next round. The team that does not qualify for the top four will play in the second day pair category.

On the second day, the first session was a team semifinal to the final round. At the same time, they won as the third winner.

Gilberto explained their difficulties during the competition. “There was a team from Indonesia National Youth Team National Bridge players,” he said.

Airlangga Kuning team was ranked as the third winner and faced with the team from Gunadarma. From the beginning until the end of the competition, UNAIR team was in a tight position to win the competition.

“But that didn’t make us give up. Our team was finally able to turn things around and win the competition, “said Stefanus Endras, one of U-26 team two-team champions.

Stefanus revealed Airlangga Kuning team was delighted when they won the competition. “We are grateful. We still need a lot of training to face our competition in final, “Stefanus said. (*)

Author: R. Dimar Herfano Akbar

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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