Wijianto Uplift UNAIR’s Name in Japan

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WIJIANTO, FEB UNAIR student attending International Symposium on Education, Psychology, and Social Sciences in Tokyo. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), as one of the best higher education institution in Indonesia made a glorious achievement on the international stage. Wijianto, a student from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), won the Best Innovation in 2019 ISEPSS (International Symposium on Education, Psychology, and Social Sciences) in Tokyo, Japan.

ISEPSS is an international platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practice. The theme includes business and management, communication, economics, education, finance, humanities and culture studies, law, literature and linguistics, psychology, society, etc.

Interviewed by UNAIR News on Monday, July 10 Wijianto shared his experiences and struggles during ISEPSS. According to him, the event was very supportive of many disciplines through ideas and outlined in the paper. The participants who took part in ISEPSS were from Australia, Macau, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan.

“The paper was made by participants from various countries so it can be a reference in supporting soft skills,” he added.

Wiji said that initially before applying the paper, he consulted with his supervisor to raise economics as his topic. He decided taking certification economy by increasing the value of macroeconomic, as well through one door (one access).

Hopefully, UMKM (Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises) can increase the confidence of selling power to the public, so there will be no failure product in trading. Thus, it will improve the community economy that focused on microeconomics.

“Alhamdulillah, we received extraordinary praise from the judges and participants from other countries in our presentation,” he said.

Furthermore, Wiji advised UNAIR students to keep up their enthusiasm for achievement, especially in writing papers. Write down all the ideas you have in mind so it can be conveyed to the public. Never stop dreaming because small intentions will bring significant changes.

“We need to uplift UNAIR’s name in the international world with achievements. Finally, always be grateful, and we need to realize our dream towards World Class University, “he concluded. (*)

Writer : Sandi Prabowo

Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia

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