AUBMO Invites Student Entrepreneurs Through Seminar and Training

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Jamil (second from right) and Baihaqi (two from left) with the chief executive, head of the organization, and moderator at the entrepreneurship seminar. (Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – To introduce start-ups and business world to students, Bidik Misi Organization (AUBMO) Universitas Airlangga held an Entrepreneurship Seminar and Training for students on Saturday, September 21. The event with “Start Your Business: Be a Creative Entrepreneur” as a tagline, which was attended by all Bidikmisi scholarship recipients invited two UNAIR alumni who pursue business in the culinary field.

Head Committee of AUBMO, Muhammad Alfan Khoiruddin hoped that students could absorb the knowledge and implement it in real life.

“Hopefully, we can absorb the knowledge provided and for students who have or will start a business can implement the knowledge,” he said.

The speaker session explained by Ahmad Ridwan Jamil, he is Director of CV. Jamz Food Indonesia and founder of Telasin snack food products.

Something is interesting from Jamil’s explanation. He showed a slide presentation with two pictures of coffee, one in a regular glass and one in a glass with the famous coffee logo. From this slide, he explained the price of the brand depends on market perception.

“Coffee in the clear glass is five thousand rupiah. The coffee in the other glass can reach fifty thousand rupiah. Thus, the role of a product brand is very important because it determines market perception, and the brand will affect the price of the product itself, “said Jamil.

The second speaker was M. Baihaqi Al Chasan, an alumnus of UNAIR who works in the culinary business. More specifically, catering services. Baihaqi said that he had just entered the business world after graduating from university.

“Besides studying, I used to be active in the debate community and worked as MC at campus events. So I never thought about becoming an entrepreneur, “he said.

Baihaqi explained to the students that we have to approach people in the business. He revealed that he always do that to manage catering.

“I am the ambassador of my own catering. I serve all customers through my account, either via Whatsapp or Instagram. This is my way to get closer with my customers, “said Baihaqi.

“That method is proven to make them happier because if they are not satisfied with any service or complaint, they can directly talk to me,” he added. (*)

Author : Sugeng Andrean

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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