FKP UNAIR Disseminates Importance of Preventing and Handling Tuberculosis

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Presentation on tuberculosis. (Photo: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti)
Presentation on tuberculosis. (Photo: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti)

UNAIR NEWS – Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is a lung disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is a contagious disease transmitted through the air, cough, sneeze, and phlegm.

Realizing the importance of handling tuberculosis, lecturers and students of Doctoral Program Faculty of Nursing (FKP) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) consisting of Mokhamad Fathoni, Eka Misbahatul M, Elida Ulfiana, and Ilya Krisnana, held a community service called PAGAR BESI (Tuberculosis Awareness Family Program) at RW 1 Hall, Gebang Putih Village, Sukolilo, Surabaya and in collaboration with the Klampis Ngasem Community Healthcare Center (Puskesmas) on Monday, September 23, 2019.

The program aims to educate the public regarding the prevention and cessation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis chain of germs. The community is recommended to check their health routinely to the nearest health center, especially if there are indications of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Fathoni asserted that if someone in the family suffers from coughing for more than two weeks, they should be taken to the health center, the family must be sensitive to the occuring symptoms. Indonesia is ranked second in the world for the number of TB patients.

“Tuberculosis attack from the young to the old, obesity or even thinness is not a reference, regardless of the essence. TB is not a genetic disease and is curable, ” he explained.

Patients with TB who are not treated after 5 years, 50 percent died, 25 percent healed by self-immunity, and 25 percent became chronic cases. TB handling is required from infancy by administering a Bacile Calmette-Guerinn (BCG) immunization vaccine to prevent TB.

Simple prevention of tuberculosis can be done by eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and milk regularly. Keeping the environment clean, avoiding humidity with adequate ventilation will also keep TB germs away.

Elida Ulfiana also said that regular exercise is also an important factor in improving endurance. Wearing a mask when driving, being in a public place, in a crowd, and interacting with sick people must be applied to prevent tuberculosis.

“If you are interacting with TB sufferer, use a mask and maintain a minimum communication distance of 1.5 meters. Also encourage TB sufferers to wear masks so they don’t transmit the disease, ” she said.

Ethics when coughing is also very important, use a tissue, handkerchief, or arm to cover your mouth when coughing, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands with soap. This is intended to minimize the transmission of the TB virus.

TB sufferers are required to go to a health center or hospital and do it routinely for 6-8 months until they are healed. Families must also accompany them by becoming Supervisors on Taking Medicines (PMO) to support healing. (*)

Author: Muhammad  Wildan Suyuti Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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