UNAIR Islamic Economics Student Wins Second Place in Halal Business Plan in Thailand

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UNAIR NEWS – Being far away in a foreign country is not a barrier for two students of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) to get the achievement. They are Zhazha Quamilla and Hafiz Minhajuel from Islamic Economics study program 2016 Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR. The students who are undergoing a student exchange program for one semester in Thailand won second place in Halal Business Plan competition at Prince of Songkla University Thailand on Thursday, August 29.

In the competition, they brought the idea of ​​a website-based start-up platform that could make it easier for consumers to get halal food. The idea originated from the difficulty of people in finding halal food in Hatyai and Bangkok.

“Muslim consumers in Hatyai and Bangkok are struggling to find halal food. Mostly the halal food places are far from here, “said Zhazha.

The concept is similar to an online motorcycle taxi service application in Indonesia, but focusing on halal food. Zhazha also mentioned that the idea inspired by an online motorcycle taxi service.

“The concept is similar to Gojek or Grab in general. But we only focused on halal food, ” she said.

Furthermore, they gave a name of the business “Uncle Mamun Delivery.” Zhazha explained that the name selection was inspired by his friend who likes to help people. His name is Mamun from Bangladesh. “He likes to help other people,” she explained.

They faced language problems, but both of them won second place from the other 20 participating teams. “At first it was difficult because the registration had to be translated in Thai letters. Moreover, the average participant uses Thai during the presentation, “said zhazha.

Besides, Zhazha said that investors are needed if they want to make it happen. “If you’re going to realize it, you must go to the investor. Because it does require quite a lot of funds, “he said.

She hopes that through the competition, the idea will give a bigger impact on many people. “We like discussing business problems and business opportunities. So, we want to express this idea. We want to contribute ideas that hopefully can be useful for many people, “he concluded.

Moreover, Halal Business Plan itself is an event intended for students and high school students in creating products and services. The aim is increasing the potential of halal in Thailand. (*)

Author: Lailatul Fitriani

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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