UNAIR Expert: Should BPJS Premium Raised?

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Illustration by Gatra com

UNAIR NEWS – Recently the community was surprised by the decision to raise BPJS (Health Care and Social Security Agency) premiums because Ministry of Finance stated that BPJS suffered losses. For the loss, the Ministry of Finance decided to raise BPJS premiums for class one and two by one hundred percent and class three by sixty-five percent.

Responding to this matter, Dr. Erina Sudaryati Dra., MS., Ak., CMA., CA, Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) lecturer have another opinion. She said there are no reasons for BPJS to raise its premiums. The lecturer also known as Bunda said that there is something wrong in BPJS financial management system.

“Not a loss suffered by BPJS, but there is something not right in its financial management system. If there is a loss, why was the salary of the employees raised?,” she said.

Bunda also said that the academic community should know and be able to think logically. If it is assumed that all participants are third-grade and monthly revenue was calculated, then the public would be able to calculate annual revenue.

“Where did that much money go? We must be able to think logically, with that much money BPJS should not suffer losses, how is it possible amid the losses suffered, the salary of employees was increased instead. Once again we must be able to think clearly, ” Bunda continued.

Furthermore, she said that BPJS must not raise the premiums, but rather make improvements in their financial management system. BPJS must be able to manage revenue well. BPJS must also be able to build awareness so the public fulfill their obligations by paying the premiums.

“When we are able to think clearly and rationally, what we have to do basically is not to raise the premiums, but rather how BPJS is able to improve its financial management system. At the same time BPJS must also aggressively carry out campaigns and counseling so the people are aware of their obligations, which is regularly paying BPJS premiums, ” she added.

In the end, she also stated that BPJS also had to improve its services. According to her, satisfying service will also make people aware of their obligations. It will reduce late payments from BPJS participants.

“If the service is good, the community will surely be aware and be obedient in paying BPJS contributions,” she concluded.

Author: Dian Pratama Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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