Three UNAIR Bidikmisi Students Join Summer School in Bangladesh

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UNAIR NEWS – Three Bidikmisi students from Universitas Airlangga had the opportunity to participate in the International Social Business Program (ISBSP) at Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh from July 10 to July 24, 2019. The three students were Gery Lusiano from Accounting Program, Nusrotul Hidayah from Islamic Economics Program, and Dyta Septiyatik from English Language and Literature Program.

Nusrotul, as the team representative, said that the background of the summer program was to learn ideas about the social business by the recipient of Nobel Peace Prize award. Muhammad Yunus.

“The owner of the Yunus Center has a goal to alleviate poverty and overcome social problems with non-collateral microcredit business. So, we study (summer program, ed) there, ” he said.

During their study, Nusrotul shared how the school he visited, Grameen-Caledonian College of Nursing truly optimized the learning activities that almost resembled reality.

“The computer labs and libraries, besides the practicum room, equipped with properties that are made as closely as possible with reality, “he said.

Asked about the knowledge gained, Nusrotul answered that she got a lot of basic knowledge about social business. It includes being trained in designing a business plan with the aim to overcome social problems.

Nusrotul also said that she received diverse cultural lessons with participants from various countries. “The participants were from various countries, such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Iran, South Africa, and other countries, ” she explained.

By taking part in a summer program in Bangladesh, Nusrotul hoped that she can be a better person and always do positive things in life. She also expressed her gratitude and hopes for Bidikmisi and UNAIR as she could study in Bangladesh.

“For Bidikmisi, I’d like to express my gratitude. And specifically for UNAIR, hopefully it will continue to excel and become a World Class University, ” she stated. (*)

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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