Self Exploration Routine, UKTK UNAIR Shows Creativity to Create Their Own Dance

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UNAIR NEWS – As a Student Activity Unit (UKM) which has been established for a long time, Karawitan Dance Activity Unit (UKTK) has produced many extraordinary works. The UKM, which has existed since 1981, turned out not only to learn dance movements. However, creating many works of their own.

For example, Makaryo Bareng Dance with Prabu Airlangga (Mareng Airlangga) which was displayed at the closing ceremony of NUDC and KDMI 2019 at the Garuda Mukti Hall on Thursday, July 18. The dance managed to amaze the entire audience because the dance is created by UKTK UNAIR by raising the story of Prabu Airlangga from the Kingdom of Kahuripan.

“The dance tells about how Prabu Airlangga made his people unite to build his kingdom so that it reached its glory,” said Rafif Asyraf.

Head of UKTK UNAIR admitted there was a pride to display the work created in front of the public. This is one part of the preservation of the cultural values that Indonesia has. Teruma in East Java.

Mareng Airlangga is not the only dance created by UKTK UNAIR. Almost every year there are always new works created by UKTK. Like, Gincu and Wuskara which have their own stories for each dance.

The dance called Gincu even won first place at the Dance Festival. Furthermore, Wuskara also held first prize in the Regional Student Art Week in 2018.

Rafif stated that creating his own work has become a routine thing to do for UKTK UNAIR. “This is a self-exploration container for UKTK members. Also, honing members’ sensitivity to dance and music, “he said.

To practice the spirit of member exploration, UKTK routinely attends art events. In there, it can also be exploring musical motion while appreciating the art.

Not only that, but UKTK also scored many achievements in various regional and national competitions. Some of the achievements were the 2014 Champion of Regional Student Arts Week (Peksiminal) in East Java in 2014, 1st Winner in a row at Traditional Dance Competition, National Folklore Festival at Universitas Indonesia in 2015 and 2017. (*)

Author: Erika Eight Novanty

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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