UNAIR Student Chosen as Chair of IKMVI 2019-2020

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UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga, especially Faculty of Vocational Studies (FV) should be proud. One of its students was elected as Chairman of Indonesian Vocational Student Association (IKMVI). He is Satria Naufalino Hergananda, student of D3 Automation Instrumentation System (OSI) of Faculty of Vocational Studies Universitas Airlangga.

IKMVI is an organization that accommodates and establishes communication between all vocational students, especially in strengthening identity and image of Indonesian vocational studies as well as optimizes the career path of Indonesian vocational students. The main objective of IKMVI is to be a solution for all Indonesian vocational students.

The missions of IKMVI refer to Higher Education Tri Dharma. One of them is conducting a community service work program. IKMVI still adheres to the legality of vocational studies, starting from the curriculum, competency status, and funding which is the main concern of Indonesian vocational students.

It was the reason why Satria was elected as Chairman of IKMVI for 2019-2020 period at Congress V IKMVI in AR Fachrudin Meeting Room A, 5th floor, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), on Friday, April 26, 2019. Satria is motivated to realize the ideals and goals of IKMVI and gain UNAIR good reputation among vocational students throughout Indonesia.

“I have a clear motivation to realize the ideals and goals of IKMVI itself,” Satria told UNAIR NEWS.

“From UNAIR itself, no one has ever become a chairman. So, I was more motivated to be a chairman, to prove UNAIR students also have potential, “he added.

Satria’s vision is the realization of IKMVI as an institution that accommodates aspirations and goals of Indonesian vocational students. The missions are increasing the synergy between IKMVI members; expanding and improving communication between Indonesian vocational students; building and strengthening cooperative networks; and reviewing and then following up on regional and national issues.

The focus of his management is on community service and the synergy of IKMVI members. For community service, there is a work program called Abdi Karya Vokasi which is divided into three regions, East Java, West Java, and Central Java.

To improve synergy between members, the Central Representative Council (DPP) visits IKMVI member universities to hear their complaints and suggestions. There will be also a national meeting after DPP formation in the congress (six months after the visit) to conduct a performance evaluation from the Central Representative Council and the Campus Representative Council.

In the end, Satria advised that it was very important to study issues for all education sectors. It was intended to achieve a progressive and revolutionary movement.

“Every UNISTA (university, institute, academic school, ed), members of IKMVI must review an existing or incidental issue, which will be followed up in IKMVI,” he concluded. (*)


Author: Ulfah Mu’amarotul Hikmah

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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