Inspiration Talk “Struggle of Life” to Commemorate Kartini Day

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An inspiration talk show in Banyuwangi
Processed with VSCO with presetAn inspiration talk show in Banyuwangi (Photo: Melan Argarini)

UNAIR NEWS – Community of Interest and Talent (komikat) Munwa Pribadi held a commemoration of Kartini Day celebrated every year on April 21. This time, it held inspiration talk on Sunday, April 21 in Wanita Paramitha Kencana building, Banyuwangi. The inspiration talk entitled “Struggle of Life” presented three speakers.

The first speaker was Reyza Fitri Aninda, S.H., M.Kn., a young notary and member of Puteri Indonesian Alumni Association in East Java. On this occasion, the woman who is also alumna of Faculty of Law Universitas Airlangga talked about the sacrifice and success of a woman.

“Success is individual property, so the size of each individual’s success is different. Therefore, if we face challenges, do it all-out, don’t do it half-way,” she explained.

She argued that women should have to go out of their comfort zone, for example a female student only learns one hour, so the next day she must increase her study to three hours to get out of her comfort zone.

“If you are a woman who is underestimated, it is enough to prove them through your hard work that will slap the arrogant people,” she added.

The second speaker was Maria Adeline, a young public relation officer from one of the big gold mining companies in Banyuwangi. As a young woman working in the mining industry, according to her, many things must be sacrificed.

“I was doubted by my family when I decided to work in the mining sector, because I was a woman. But I did not falter, but I continued even though there was a lot to sacrifice, ” she said.

In the end of her presentation, Maria advised the participants to always be vocal about their surroundings, to be sensitive, and to be diligent about what each individual will.

The third speaker was Adriena Marcelina, S.Psi., an inspiring mother of one child, because she served children with special needs and had a non-profit foundation that sheltered children with special needs in Banyuwangi.

She explained that the ratio of children with special needs in Indonesia was 1: 5, and they did not have a place in Indonesia, so they had to struggle to be accepted by the community.

“Therefore, I had an intention to go to a diploma program majoring in children with special needs in Singapore, and since 2012 until now, I have sacrificed and fought for the rights of children with special needs here,” she concluded. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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