Cindy’s Story as the First Delegation of Cooperation with Universität Hamburg, Germany

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UNAIR NEWS – Four months is a relatively short time for Cindy when she decided to study in abroad. It was a interesting experience for her but she did not regret to join this program. Moreover, her journey through Winter Semester program at Universität Hamburg in October last year led her to a myriad of very interesting experiences.

Monday afternoon on April 1, 2019 Cindy Belinda Ramadhanty was busy with her laptop interviewed by Unair News at Campus B Library, Universitas Airlangga. She studied International Master Program “Languages ​​and Cultures of Southeast Asian Studies” in Germany.

“Initially, there was an open offer for us, students of  Faculty of Humanities (FIB) batch 2017 Literature and Cultural Studies (KSB) UNAIR.” said Cindy.

Similar to other students, the woman who was born in Medan also had the desire to try out a student exchange. During her undergraduate studies in college, she tends prioritizing academics and wanting to be Cum Laude student. Because of that, Cindy did not make her wish as a top priority.

“Finally, in my master studies at KSB.  I became the first delegate. Well, I started on October 2018 yesterday for International Master Program in Winter season” added the alumna of UNAIR English Literature.

In German precisely in Hamburg, it was part of UNAIR FIB collaboration with Universität Hamburg. The form of cooperation was in the form of a double degree system that will be applied to future KSB FIB UNAIR students. Later, this program facilitates students to experience education in two universities with a one-year study period.

“So, its kind of trial and error. I learned that the culture in German is completely different from Asia. Becoming a minority and I also don’t speak German were some challenges that I faced during my studies in here.” she said.

For several weeks, Cindy had the opportunity to study in Asien-Africa-Institut with a focus on Southeast Asian Studies. There were three courses taken: Cultural Heritage, Theory and Methods, and Indonesian and Malay Studies. Furthermore, she also tested several campus facilities such as libraries and student portals.

“The atmosphere in the classroom filled with discussion but it was fun. One of the facility, library is open until twelve o’clock at night and has a free scan tool. Completed references, both in library and student portal.” he said.

Cindy also worked on final project regarding to Rote Flora. Furthermore, the former theater was acquired by the left side movement in 1989. The building has become a spot for anti-capitalism supporters and tends to maintain distance from the public. So, it requires the right approach.

Another thing, Cindy admired public transportation owned by Germany. There were various types of vehicles available from trams, buses, to two types of trains. People are also respect each other and always uphold the principle of honesty and responsible for their action taken.

“I had a chance to visit several cultural places such as castles and concentration camps. I saw a demonstration also, but not the anarchist one,” Cindy recalled.

CINDY (four from right) with friends from Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Hamburg in Katarakt Club, Internationales Festival für Experimentelle Musik on Tuesday, Januari 19 2019. (Photo: Courtesy)

During the lecture, Cindy also participated in the conference held by Watch! Indonesia in Berlin. Namely, an agenda with the group from Universität Hamburg.

She also gained connection by participating in International Piasta Evening which was an arena of interaction for students at Universität Hamburg. In addition, Cindy was invited to play gamelan musical instrument with friends from Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Hamburg in order to fulfill the invitation of Katarakt Club at Internationales Festival für Experimentelle Musik.

“I’m grateful that I met several good people in  there. What you need to remember, when you are abroad, you should be open minded and responsible for yourself,” she said. (*)


Author: Nabila Amelia

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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