Mapala PSDKU Improve Organizational Internal Structure This Year

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TWO Maurbala Team on their way to take part in East Java and Bali Cross-Country Competition. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – 2019 is the third year since the establishment of MAPALA (Nature-Lover Students) PSDKU (Off Main Campus Program) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) in Banyuwangi. The organization which can also be called Mahasiswa UNAIR Banyuwangi Lintas Alam or often abbreviated as Maurbala, aims to become a place for students who like to explore nature and especially preserve it.

Furthermore, Iradatur Rahmaniyah as first General Chairperson of Maurbala hopes that this commitment will help UNAIR PSDKU students who want to sharpen their talents in cross-country fields such as wall climbing and so on.

“We have the desire that Maurbala can be a place for student to upgrade their mindset, ability, and sense of responsibility towards nature,” explained the woman who was familiarly called Rada met by UNAIR NEWS on Friday, March 29.

The goal has been implemented with several work programs such as beach cleanup, community service, joint training and delegation of members to take part in East Java and Bali cross-country competition.

New Management

In this 2018/2019 period, there were a total of 48 students registered as members of Maurbala PSDKU UNAIR. Roby Firdaus as General Chair of 2018/2019 period explained that his performance this year was assisted by three fields. The first field focused on education, the second field for equipment, and the third field for delegation.

“We will focus on improving the organizational structure of Maurbala, especially in organizational archives such as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Articles of Association / Bylaws (AD / ART) and others.” he said further.

The man from Aceh wants communication between the organization (Maurbala, ed) and Mapala (Nature-Lover Students) from Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya to be intense. With intense communication, there will be a transfer of knowledge between the membership of Mapala in Surabaya UNAIR and PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi considering that human resources in Maurbala are still lacking.

“Communication and transfer of knowledge is very important because unlike sports, Mapala needs special training and information that is not easy to obtain independently,” he concluded. (*)


Author: Tsania Ysnaini Mawardi

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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