Head of FPK BEM: We Study to Build the Nation

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UNAIR NEWS – Organizations are very important for students, because organizations are a dimension of self-development. It was stated by Akbar Maulana Al Ishaqi, Head of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Faculty of Fisheries and Marine BEM (KABEM) in 2019. According to him, self-development that needs to be honed is soft skills.

“Hardskill must be balanced with soft skills, and vice versa,” said KABEM, who is usually called Akbar.

For him, students’ hard skills were obtained from the lectures. However, this is not enough to complete the soft skills of students. Therefore, added Akbar, organization became the most appropriate medium for students to hone their soft skills.

Regarding his organizational experience, Akbar said that before serving as Head of BEM, his activity was limited to Student Activity Units (UKM), communities, and Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO) at faculty and university levels. Not only in UNAIR, Akbar joined organization outside UNAIR.

Akbar also explained, when he ran his campaign for KABEM, he did not have experience in Student Organizations (Ormawa), either BEM or BLM. However, with full awareness he took a bold step to become a leader.

“Therefore, by representing all levels of students both from UKM and the community, I dare to run for the FPK KABEM,” said the head of student executive board of FPK who was born on May 24, 1997.

In this regard, Akbar hoped to be the representation of the aspirations of all layers of the FPK community, including ordinary students, students who are active in UKMs, as well as students who are involved in the communities

His journey to be the Head of FPK BEM was not easy. He has faced failure after failure but it makes him stronger.

“I do all this hard work and I dedicate it to everyone who trusts me. In this case my parents, my friends, and the teachers in my life, “said Akbar.

Akbar did this because they are the reason why he could be the head of BEM like now. In terms of managing time, Akbar explained that he was a precise type of person.

“I always manage my schedule. I have a small note containing a full day agenda,” Akbar said.

In addition, Akbar has always detailed every agenda, starting from doing work and even washing to ironing the clothes. Akbar also gave tips for UNAIR Students who must manage time for the organization.

“Set your priorities correctly and do it with discipline,” Akbar said emphasizing the word discipline.

Although being a KABEM is a hard thing because the responsibility carried out is great, Akbar said that his parents continued to support him as long as he did not deviate from his belief. The young man born in Gresik has a life principle to always bring benefits to the surrounding environment.

“You are here to build a nation,” said Akbar, quoting the lecturer’s words to him.

“Keep fighting, never give up, be patient, and always pray. Bismillah, God is with us, “he said. (*)

Author: Dhea Meidiana

Editor: Zanna Afia Deswari


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