UNAIR UKMKI Holds Grand Launching of MASKARA

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Drg. Luluk Farida delivering his presentation on Muslim women in millennial era at MASKARA's Grand Launching Talk Show on Saturday (Photo: Dhea Meidiana)

UNAIR NEWS – Islamic Spirituality Student Activity Unit (UKMKI) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a Grand Launching of Majelis Kekinian Bersama Muslimah (MASKARA) on Saturday March 23, 2019. The event which brought the theme of Becoming a Resilient Muslim in Millennial Era was held at Akhwat Nuruzzaman Mosque Hall Campus B UNAIR.

MASKARA was opened directly by Ana Raudlatul Jannah as Head Department of Muslim Affairs UKMKI 2019. In her speech, Ana said MASKARA activities was one of work programs of UKMKI Department. Ana explained that the previous year similar activities of MASKARA had been carried out, but at that time they were still not named.

The first activity for MASKARA in Grand Launching was a talk show. For the next activity, added Ana, it will be a routine study every Friday afternoon with one speaker who will deliver the material.

“All Muslim women in UNAIR, whether they already understand about religion, or who want to learn are welcome to take part and get the knowledge from the speaker.” Ana explained about the participants who could participate in MASKARA activity by UKMKI. Ana added that the event will be routinely held at Nuruzzaman Mosque, Campus B, UNAIR.

Ana hopes that after Grand Launching, participants will get useful knowledge and able to apply it in their daily life. In addition, it was also expected to develop the country.

“Muslim women are important to get their main knowledge about religion,” Ana said emphasizing the important role of a Muslim woman for civilization.

Majelis Kekinian Bersama (MASKARA) was held as a form of effort to facilitate UNAIR students. MASKARA’s Grand Launching was held in the form of a talk show, attended by two presenters. The presenters are drg. Luluk Farida, a writer for the book “I Click to Nikah” and Ustadzah Nuri Fauziah, a psychologist and trainer.

The important topics conveyed by Luluk’s doctors in delivering the material are the criteria of a strong Muslim woman. There were three basic criteria, obedient wife, sholihah women and succesful women.

In the end, a question and answer session was held. All participants were very enthusiast to ask questions. In addition, there is a prize distribution for those who are brave to ask questions. (*)


Author: Dhea Meidiana

Editor: Zanna Afia Deswari

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