Fourteen Programs of UNAIR Ready for ASIC International Accreditation

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ASIC CEO Lee Hammond delivers an opening presentation to UNAIR leaders.
ASIC CEO Lee Hammond delivers an opening presentation to UNAIR leaders. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – As one of the best universities in Indonesia which is mandated to become a world-class university, Universitas Airlangga continues to make efforts towards internationalization. It starts from the improvement of education curriculum, the quality and quantity of research and scientific publications, and which is no less important, the quality development and community service reach.

For this reason, UNAIR conducted international accreditation for several programs. There are 14 programs submitted for ASIC’s international accreditation (Accreditation for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities) on March 25-29, 2019.

In front of the two assessors from UK-based independent international education assessment agency, UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih, with other UNAIR officials, presented the progress and development of UNAIR, from the development of quality education, academic activities, to the improvement of supporting infrastructures.

In his remarks at the opening of ASIC international accreditation, March 25, Prof. Nasih emphasized that UNAIR consistently supports educational programs based on Higher Education Tri Dharma.

“All models of university development cannot be separated from the principle of Higher Education Tri Dharma,” said Prof. Nasih.

Next, to complete Prof. Nasih’s presentation, Vice Rector I Prof. Djoko Santoso who oversees the curriculum and education sector said that accreditation is one of the joint efforts and responsibilities to improve the quality of education. 

“This is certainly a joint effort to make improvements in the education curriculum of our students,” he said.

Meanwhile, ASIC CEO Lee Hammond on the same occasion said that for the accreditation process, his party would see many aspects, from administrative completeness to the real conditions in the field with the data already received.

“We will see the real conditions in the field with the files and reports that have been submitted,” he said.

There are 14 programs taking parts in the accreditation, 13 programs of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) and 1 program of Faculty of Humanities (FIB).

Author: Nuri Hermawan


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