Alfan-Evita Ready to Lead AUBMO

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ALFAN and Evita were elected as head and deputy of Universitas Airlangga Bidikmisi Organization 2019/2020. (Photo: Ismatulloh Jihan A.)

UNAIR NEWS – After going through a series of election process, Head of Airlangga University Bidikmisi Organization (AUBMO), Muhamad Alfan Khoiruddin was finally elected to lead the organization for a year.  UNAIR Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) student chose Evita Anugraini to be his deputy.

Under his leadership, Alfan appointed nine ministers to bring AUBMO to a better direction. They are Widianingrum as minister of administration and secretariat; Ana Ni’matul Laila as minister of finance; Ismi Choirunnisa Prihatini as minister of human resource development; M. Najib Rahman as minister of entrepreneurship; Mohammad Ageng Prasetyo as minister of community service; Dwi Bayu Wiranto as minister of student welfare; Sri Wulandari as minister of arts and sports; Pipit Nuria Sari as minister of research and scientific; and Ismatulloh Jihan Alim as minister of communication and information.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS some time ago, Alfan said that at first he felt less confident because he saw his opponent who has a capacity. However, thanks to the confidence and support of his colleagues, he was successfully elected. In the future, Alfan claimed that he is serious in carrying out the mandate.

“I hope that in the future I will be able to carry out the mandate well and meet people’s hope,” he said.

The main focus, Alfan will improve coordination and sense of kinship in the internal management of AUBMO 2019/2020. On the other hand, Alfan will also make maximum efforts so that in the future AUBMO can contribute more in bidikmisi forum at the national level.

“In essence, we will strengthen ties internally to maximize the contribution of AUBMO externally,” he said.

Regarding the program, Alfan explained some of his excellent programs, optimization of internal coordination, improving contributions externally, and seeking thesis aid funds for final semester Bidikmisi students.

For Bidikmisi students, especially new students, Alfan encouraged them to be active in organizations because, continued Alfan, the human resources needed are not only good in academic matters, but also good in working together and communicating.

“As bidikmisi students, indeed we are required to be good in academic matters. However, we should not leave organization because it will benefit our future, “he added.

Meanwhile, Evita said she was surprised and happy to get the mandate to work together with the Head of AUBMO 2019/2020. For her, the mandate is an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to develop themselves. Evita also admitted that she would continue to support the program planned by Alfan.

“For new students, let us together go through the process at AUBMO because that’s where you will get useful experience,” she concluded. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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