UNAIR D3 Nursing Gresik-Lamongan Hold Fundraising for Papua Disaster

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UNAIR NEWS – The sudden flood that hit Sentani, Papua, a few days ago moved Student Association (Hima) Lamongan-Gresik D3 Nursing program. They held a fundraising for Sentani flood victims in a crossroads on Thursday, March 21.

The action was organized by students of UNAIR Hima Nursing members. Ayu as chairman of UNAIR D3 Nursing Hima taking part in the fundraising event said that the activity was carried out to help victims of sudden flood in Sentani, Papua.

“My friends and I here want to help our brothers in Papua as it is the duty of all humans to help others, ” she said.

“Although it is not much, we hope it could ease the burden of those who are there,” she added.

The activity was held in campus classes, both at Lamongan and Gresik campuses. Also held in a crossroads around Lamongan Square and Jalan Deket, Lamongan.

Wearing an alma mater suit and carrying a donation box, students approached road users one by one who stopped at a crossroads to raise funds. “Thank God, the fundraising was carried out smoothly without any significant obstacles,” said the fourth semester student.

After the fundraising, the funds will be given to Student Executive Board of Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR.

Hima D3 Nursing Lamongan-Gresik campus has been active in carrying out fundraising humanitarian actions. “We are used to fundraising. If there is a disaster. Whether it’s flood, landslide or other disasters,” she explained.

They hope that the aid collected can provide benefits to the victims and make them have more patience. (*)



Author: Erika Eight Novanty

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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