Spirit of BEM FST Leader to Realize Works’ Collaboration

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UNAIR NEWS – For Fakhri Firdaus, being the Head of Student Executive Board Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) is not only about position. The 2016 Chemistry student said that it is a form of Fakhri’s loyalty to FST. At the same time as a form of tribute because he has been given the opportunity to make achievements.

As a bureaucratic leader, Fakhri strongly believes in realizing a harmony between FST community members. With Collaborative Work Cabinet, Fakhri is determined to create quality Human Resources (HR) through collaboration. The collaboration requires cooperation from FST community members. The strong solidarity that has been established is expected to make works and achievements of FST.

“In this period of management, I initiated some breakthroughs to complement the existing work program,” said Fakhri.

Fakhri explained some programs he had developed, including a digitalization titled MyFST, an application that focuses on borrowing places. Last year many students had difficulty borrowing a place to do their activities. It was due to the limited space and the number of programs at FST itself.

Then, Fakhri also came up with Community Competition. Fakhri explained the Community Competition is focused on scientific works. The creation of Community Competition is based on many potentials that can be developed by FST students. So that it will be better if the students can coordinate between departments to make new achievements.

The next program is ScienceFST, the program aims to accommodate diverse FST student interests. The last is FST Ambassador, Fakhri explained that FST Ambassador began to be implemented since last period of BEM.

The reason Fakhri included FST Ambassador was none other than to continue program which had just been initiated. Fakhri also said that FST Ambassador last year put more emphasis on technical issues and the number of registrants was not many. Hopefully it can be improved in terms of the system and input.

“The FST ambassador is one of the targets of my program development.  The presence of ambassadors can be means of improving the image of FST at University level,” Fakhri added.

Fakhri believes that Works’ Collaboration will be carried out well. Although there is no denying to the obstacles ahead. As long as it is accompanied by hard work, the efforts will never betray the results.

“Wherever I am, my motto is always useful and the best,” concluded Fakhri. (*)


Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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