Tips to Successful PKM Proposals

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UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga’s Radiology Student Association of Faculty of Vocational Studies (Himaro FV) held an Intensive Radiology Mentoring (MRI) on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR. The activity aims to provide guidance to participants in preparing PKM proposals. Participants are expected to continue working and not giving up easily.

Edith Frederika Purihito, S.KM., M.Sc as Batra FV UNAIR Lecturer said that in working on Student Creativity Program (PKM) proposal, creative is a priority. Students’ creative ideas can be developed through creative thinking skills, motivation, and expertise or mastery of knowledge.

“In developing creativity, news or current events on community needs, historical reconstruction, and futuristic or imaginary vision must also be considered based on theory,” she said.

Edith also gave an example about a dragon boat race in the Surabaya river. She invited participants to discuss creatively. Participants were trained to think about making a flying boat because what we often encounter so far is a boat that is in front of the floodgates. The discussion is called brainstorming.

“The brainstorming should not underestimate spontaneous comments, because from this spontaneity, creative idea emerges,” she explained.

In addition to creativity, the important thing that needs to be considered is the fulfillment of administrative requirements and format structures. The problem with proposal that has been encountered so far is the error in writing format.

In preparing PKM proposal, students should learn and obey the guidebook, by emphasizing the proposed creativity and looking at the duplication of activities. PKM guidebook can be obtained at UNAIR Directorate of Student Affairs (Dirmawa).

UNAIR created an internal monitoring and evaluation (monev) system in preparing students who passed the funding stage. The preparation also included preparation of PPT and posters. Internal monev is conducted so that students are ready to face external monitoring and evaluation by Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti).

Edith added that there were many benefits obtained by students participated in PKM. One of them is the acquisition of a gold medal with a reward of exemption from thesis responsibilities or final assignments.

Author: Mu’ammarin Rosikhuna Ilma

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


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