Despite Language Barrier, Stanley Named Best S2 FIB Graduate

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UNAIR NEWS – Continuing to master’s studies with limited understanding of Indonesian is not an obstacle for Stanley Elias. The Tanzanian-born graduate has strong determination to study at Universitas Airlangga until it was successfully named the best FIB master’s graduate in March 2019.

Being a foreign student is not easy for Stanley, according to him the differences in language and environment make him have to adapt harder. Both in life in campus and while in communities around campus.

“The first semester was not interesting, because I don’t really understand Indonesian and I’m afraid to study with lecturers. But, in the second semester I improved my language skills with the help of friends and lecturers, so I enjoyed studying here, “he said.

Coming from African continent and having experience of war inspired him to work on his thesis. It was titled Trauma Cartography and Refugee Identity in Marie Therese Toyi’s Weep Not Refugee Work.

“I chose this title, because of my experience with refugees in my country, I have studied and lived with refugees, so I tell you about the experience of trauma and crisis of identity in this thesis,” Stanley said.

The graduate, who is the first of four siblings, has several achievements, including the Best invited Speaker in the International Seminar on Literature, Language and Creative Industry 2018 and Invited Speakers in the STIKES conference on Interprofessional education in Kediri 2017.

Stanley also shared 4 tips to become outstanding students, first, do not underestimate the power of faith in academics and pray with hard work. Second, know what we want. Third, never miss lectures without reason. Finally, avoid extreme use of social media, it is better to take advantage of time to study.

“The four things are my ways, but it cannot be used as a benchmark, because everything depends on and returns to each student,” concluded Stanley.

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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